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photoshopping: rohan. it's not going too well tho

weeping over: alphonse elric

keep moving forward.
"Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?" he heard his own voice saying, small and far away. And his father’s voice replied to him, "That is the only time a man can be brave."

i'm ally and i really like hobbits, house tyrell, and anime.


Is there something you genuinely don’t like about Game of Thrones? x

What do you think that was going on through the heads of your characters when they saw each other again? (x)

Movies Watched in 2014 | Shrek

"I’m supposed to be rescued by my true love, not by some ogre a-a-and his pet!"

Vampire Weekend


Step | Vampire Weekend

she’s richer than croesus

she’s tougher than leather

inspired by (x)

MIDDLE EARTH MEME: 1/3 races: h o b b i t s

“My dear Frodo!’ exclaimed Gandalf. ‘Hobbits really are amazing creatures, as I have said before. You can learn all that there is to know about their ways in a month, and yet after a hundred years they can still surprise you at a pinch.”

I’m a stupid little girl with stupid dreams who never learns.

She did not feel beautiful, though. She felt old, used, filthy, ugly.

Game of Thrones meme - nine characters - [6/9] - Tywin Lannister

"A man such as Tywin Lannister comes but once in a thousand years.


This is hands down the best parody twitter ever

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